June 22, 2014

A Trip to Michigan

We spent the last week and a half of May in Michigan. Phil's sister Emily got married and we decided to make a long trip of it. We hadn't been home since September and wanted to make sure Joel spent time with all of his grandparents. He has 9 great grandparents and 5 grandparents. He saw all of them except 3 this trip. Millie was able to finally meet all of her aunts and uncles and some great grandparents. It was a wonderful time of introducing Joel to some of our favorite childhood memories and spending time with family. The trip finished with a beautiful outdoor Michigan wedding. We are so excited to have Jermell as part of the family! Here are some picture highlights of our trip:

Historic Train ride in Coopersville, MI. The town where daddy grew up.

MK and mommy

Philip's grandparents at the blueberry farm

@ the blueberry farm aka our happy place

Favorite ice cream spot in Holland

All ready for the beach

@ Grandpa Scott and Grandma Jills with "baby" the horse

Wearing great grandpa Ted's shoes and hat

Kensington Metro Park Farm - Mommy's favorite childhood memory

With Grace, our flower girl

Bubbles with Joel's "cousins"

Taking MK for a ride around the mall

MK and Grandpa Ski
1st trip to the beach, Tunnel Park, Holland MI

Learning the Travis family pancake recipe

4 generations
Happy wedding Aunt Emily

MK's first time swimming

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