October 31, 2011

Freezer Clean Out

In preparation for our next round of beef we purchased in bulk from a local farmer to arrive I decided to organize and clean out our freezer. We have put up a lot of produce from the garden this summer and I wanted to be able to keep a running tab on what was in there so that when baby comes meal preparation can be even simpler!

My plan is to take this list and come up with meals that can be made using the remainder of our beef and some leftover pork and chicken breasts we have inside as well.

Here is what our freezer holds:

2 quarts of homemade chili
3 quarts of homemade tomato soup
1 quart of pizza sauce
8 lbs. extra lean ground beef
sirloin steak
round steak
beef for swissing
3 beef filets
beef stew meat
2 ribeye steaks
rump roast
diced ham
9 by 9 inch lasagna
lasagna sauce
egg rolls
Hot Dogs
Turkey Black Bean Burgers
blueberry muffins
Blackberries - 4 cups
raspberries - 5 cups
cream of chicken soup
Chicken Broth - 6 cups
Vegetable Broth - 2 cups
Sweet Corn - 4, 2 cup bags
Diced Tomatoes - 5, 2 cup bags
Green Beans- 5, 2 cup bags
Swiss Chard
1 Bag of Mixed Veggies
1 Bag of Frozen Peas

With all of that we should be able to make several meals!


kels said...

I feel like I'd never have to go to the grocery store again with that list! haha :)

Amy said...

The stew meat would be great with your frozen veggies in homemade vegetable soup!!!