October 3, 2010

Quite the bargain

A few nights ago Phil and I stopped by our local grocery store on the way to church to pick up ice cream for the September Birthdays celebration. As we were making our way to the checkout we passed by the "markdowns" section. Usually it is just a table with random things that they haven't been able to sell. There usually aren't that great of deals but this week something caught my eye....

There was a box of this:

and a box of this:

Cascadian Farms is one of the top cereal brands on the list of "ethical" companies from the better world shopper. There cereal is also organic making it REALLY pricey. I was a little worried on how we would pull off cereal purchases in our small grocery budget and this will do just the trick. We purchased these boxes for $1.79 a piece! A total savings of $3.42!

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