October 5, 2010

Meijer Stock Up

As you learned in my post about emptying the freezer we are not in need of a lot of groceries right now but that doesn't mean that our budget for the month of October goes untouched. Instead we are using our usual grocery budget to stock up on some important household items.

Last night we took a trip to our favorite grocery store, Meijer, and stocked up on some much needed items:

two Kleenex 3-packs (200 count)-- 3.99 a piece
two tubes of Colgate toothpaste (6oz) -- $1.50 a piece
two 3G allergen furnace filters -- $16
12 meijer brand energy efficient light bulbs -- $12.99
black facepaint for Phil's halloween costume
feminine products -- $4.50
Meijer brand paper towels -- $1.99 (we need these for emergency LIFE group mishaps)

There are certain times a year when I will stock up on certain items. The prices fluctuate throughout the year and right now is a cheap time to stock up on tissues and furnace filters. I don't keep a price book. I know for the most part the lowest price I have paid for something and I try and keep that in mind for stocking up and I will tell you right now that $3.99 is a heck of a deal for 600 tissues! I think I used 10 just last night :)

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