September 30, 2010

Faith & Our Consumer Choices

This past weekend Phil and I attended a retreat about food and faith. Our dear friend from Michigan came down and shared her personal journey with us about why she believes food and faith matter. She challenged us to think about this question:

What ordinary moments in your life do you find God in?

and this question,

What are some places in you life where you can cultivate a deeper relationship with God?

Phil and I both left that retreat feeling renewed and energized. We left the retreat with clear steps that we wanted to take as a couple to be more conscious of the purchases we make and how that affects others and God's creation. We have decided to explore more the connection our faith has with the food we eat and the products we purchase. We want to do our part as Christians to make this creation a better and safer place for all. We can make small choices that can and will impact someone else in a positive way.

This is going to be a journey. Things aren't going to change in our lives right away but we are taking it one step at a time. Exploring what it means to think about our consumer choices from a spiritual point of view.

We started tonight by researching a website called, Better World Shopper. It rates organizations and companies on an ethics scale giving them letter grades (A-F). Phil and I have decided that we are going to be more conscientious about the purchases we make. We are going to try and purchase only products from companies with a “C” or higher rating. Phil started today by switching his new work computer purchase from Dell to HP. One step at a time….

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