August 17, 2010

Fluke Frugal Gift turns in to a Tradition

It was August 28th of 2009 and our 1 year wedding anniversary was just 2 days away. I had already planned for and ordered Phil's gift to go along with the traditional anniversary gift theme of Paper (a book punch that said "The Library of Philip S. Travis") but it wasn't going to arrive until after our Anniversary date.

One day I was browsing some frugal living blogs. I had just started exploring and learning from my online "friends" this way of living. I stumbled across a blog about Walgreens and their free 8 by 10 collage in the photo department. It was perfect!

I immediately uploaded pictures of the first year of our marriage and voila I had the perfect gift to give to Phil on our actual anniversary. The picture collage now hangs prominently on our fridge. Here is the collage after being attacked with a nerf gun by our friend, Tanner.

This year I planned early (we are getting cotton sheets 600 thread) but decided that it would be fun to make a collage for every year of our marriage. Since I am now an experience frugalista I hoped online and did a quick search for the best deal. I found out that Snap Fish is now giving away a free 8 by 10 collage PLUS free shipping. So our second year of marriage collage will arrive in 5 business days!

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