April 1, 2010

Just in the knick of time!

First off I would liek to say that I do not celebrate April Fools day. I am too gulliable for this type of holiday. So everything in this post is FOR REAL.

Last night Phil and I were determined to finish the wall. We decided we would stay up until it was done. We did pretty good finishing just before 12:30am. We are both so relieved that it is done! We love it! It looks beautiful! I found a perfect spot to display some candles I got at a garage sale a few years ago! I love how their is so much more natural light now! I love when we entertain I can be in the kitchen and not feel like I am ignoring my guests! It is just perfect.

I gave Phil alot of slack throughout the project but I know that things wouldn't have gotten done without him! He did a great job! This was our first really challenging home improvement project. We finished with only a few hurt feelings and moments of fighting! So I think that is pretty good. Home improvement doesn't usually bring out the best in people! We have decided that we are going to take a break from projects until at least June!

So without further ado......

BEFORE: just to Remind you.... this is when we first moved in.

The Finished Product! Complete with a new table
from Mom and Pop Sutherlin!

Side View :: Love that I finally found a place for the candles!

The Valentines Day Plants have made their way to a
sunny spot in front of the window!

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