February 23, 2010

Menu Plan Monday and a Spur of the Moment Trip

Sunday evening Phil got of the phone with his dad turned to me and said, "The twins and Alex are singing a trio at their concert tomorrow night. Want to go?". Apparently he was serious. We woke up early on Monday morning and headed to work to try and get as much done as possible before playing hookie and heading to Holland around 1pm. We arrived in the 2nd happiest city (see video here) at around 4pm. There was lots and lots of beautiful snow and of course lots and lots of family. 11 of us to be exact piled around the Travis dining room table to enjoy a summer picnic meal. Pasta salad, chips, baked beans and hamburgers/hot dogs! It was perfect! After that we headed out to Holland High School to watch the kids perform. Evan sang 3 songs with his singing group "Vocal Dimensions". Then the three kids sang a song by Peter Paul and Mary before Emily and Alex sang with the concert choir to wrap up the show. It was fun to see them perform. Phil even got to say hi and catch up with his old choir director. We stayed up way to late talking with dad and Jill before heading to bed. In the morning we woke up early again, not to work though. This time to head downtown. Everything about downtown makes me happy. Heated sidewalks, adorable shops, friendly people, college campus near by and FABULOUS coffee at JPs. I enjoyed a vanilla rasberry moo (steamed milk) and we shopped our hearts out. Mainly window shopping but we did pick up something fun for one of our favorite Michigan fans down here who has a birthday in March! After enjoying a quick bite to eat with Jill we were on the road back to Indiana. Sad to leave but it was a short but sweet spontaneous trip home!

Here is the menu plan for the week:
Tonight: Chili and Cornbread muffins
Wednesday: Out to Eat
Thursday: Pork Roast, Carrots and Potatoes
Fri: Phil @ Becky's and Katy will have cereal before the Womens Retreat
Sat: Lasagna Rolls
Sun: Katy out of town and Phil @ LIFE Group

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