February 19, 2010

Tonight we have plans of purchasing the wood to finish off this half wall project.

We will be purchasing a few extra things as well. We will be removing more of the drywall. YAY for more dust. Then we will replace the drywall that is currently there with 1/4 '' plywood and 1/4 '' drywall in hopes of making the wall more sturdy. If this is successful we will not have to put a banister up from the half wall to the ceiling which would make me VERY happy! This project is taking longer than planned becuase of our busy schedules. I am not a take your time project kind of girl. I have found that having this project incomplete is throwing off my whole life. Okay not really but I do find myself being less organized and I feel like my house is always dirty because of it! Today we have made a list of the things that need to be done in this room for it to be finished.

  • Purchase the supplies
  • Take off old drywall
  • replace with new drywall and plywood
  • patch spots that are not smooth
  • stain wood
  • repair nicks in wood floor
  • Put up shelf
  • Make fake beam
  • Put up fake beam
  • Paint the Walls
  • Get rid of Green Couch
  • Buy Accesories
  • Buy Curtain Rod
  • Hang Curtains and Sheers
I have re purposed some of our accessories from the dining room. I find that I am bringing in more blue and yellow than green and red. This leaves me with a few options. I can buy new accessories or I need to find fabric for drapes as the current ones I have are greens/reds/beiges.

It is sort of long. Our plan was to knock most of it out this weekend but Phil's grandparents are making a surprise stop by on their way home from Florida. It will be nice to see them but I don't want to be knee deep in construction when they stop in! Hopefully we can knock most of it out tonight and then tomorrow afternoon/evening! We shall see. I am okay with just getting the old drywall off and the new back on. The wood staining can wait until tomorrow night!

Wish us luck :)

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