February 24, 2010

Feeling Overwhelmed!

Really I am just feeling overwhelmed and that is what I will leave it at. I don't want to complain about the 50 things I have on my to-do list before I leave for PA to a work conference on Sunday. Instead I will focus on a God moment from last night.

Last night we had our women's bible study at the CSC! I will admit that I was less than optimistic about this semesters study. Last semester the students wanted to do a Beth Moore Study. We spent a good chunk of money on the books and I passed them out. On average 1-2 students showed up Monday nights to go through the study with me. I felt like I was pulling teeth to get them to do it and it just wasn't fun. This semester I threw the Beth Moore thing aside and bought a book about busyness and where God needs to fit in among all the things in our lives. The students needed to hear it and I needed to hear it. Together we have begun the journey. We are 3 weeks in and we are averaging 6 girls a week! It is awesome! The first week we did a craft project picking words for ourselves that we wanted to live by for the rest of the school year. Words like: Listen, Nurture, Love, and more that I can't remember off the top of my head. The next week we jumped in head first talking about our schedules and expectations. Next week Mindy will lead a study on Limits. Limits put on us and limits we put on ourselves. Last night I was almost moved to tears. It could have been stress but I am convinced that this years group of women are truly getting it. It has clicked that yes they are here for degrees and college education but none of that will matter if they don't take time to work on their relationship with God. This week we are challenging ourselves to once again pray 3 times for the prayer requests mentioned last night but also to make a conscious effort to be Jesus to someone else. Last night we talked about Proverbs 31 and Luke 10 the Martha Mary story. How we can sit at Jesus' feet. What Jesus' wants us to notice about his life and how we can act more like him. We listed things such as pray, fast, quiet time, reflect, positiveness in stressful situations, and help others. We are going to do those things this week and then share with one another next week.

So a big shout out to Carmen, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Amy, Jen, Kim, and Emily for coming out last night to bible study. There are girls on this list that rock also they just had to miss last night! Hope we will catch you next week! Good Luck on studying for mid terms! Love you all!

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Vee said...

Great post. Don't stress about all the stuff you have to do - you'll get it done! XOXO