January 9, 2010

Saturday Organization

When we first bought our house we had lots of people over helping us get things put together. We bought various appliances and hardware things. We also had lots of junk mail that I wasn't sure if I should keep or get rid of. Here is what happened over the past year to the "catch all" drawers in our island:

Today I decided I wanted to see the bottom of these drawers and have them become functional parts of our life! I emptied all their contents out onto the island. I found an assortment of random things:
- Payless/CVS key cards
- Batteries
- Appliance Manuels
- Take-Out Menus
- 3m Hooks, S hooks, cup hooks
- Things for the phone jack in our kitchen that we don't use
- LOTS of permanent markers
- lip gloss
- LOTS of change
- lotion
- kleenex
- rubber bands

You get the picture....they had seriously turned into junk drawers. I recycled a lot, organized a lot, relocated items and threw away a lot!

Here is the end result:

Our take out menus and brochures about places near by are in a red folder. The church directory is in a convenient and accessible place. We have lots of scotch tape...something a few weeks ago I couldn't find to save my life. I have my recipe cards in a hand location ready to record a new recipe and permanent markers galore! I am determined to keep these junk drawers UNJUNKED!