November 5, 2009

Prayers and Christmas Cards

Children's Mott Hospital in Ann Arbor Michigan is close to my heart for several reasons. 4 years ago in August my very ill cousin, Gregory Flynn, went into surgery at Childrens Mott at the age of 35 years old. This was his 3rd open heart surgery of his life. The surgery lasted 12 hours and was much more complicated than they expected. While in surgery his liver began shutting down and there was still a lot of fluid in his stomach. He spent a month and a half in the hospital in a coma. My parents, and grandparents, along with my aunt and uncle and Gregs wife and 12 year old son Eric spent everyday in the hospital waiting room. We met several incredible kids and incredible families while we were there. We celebrated with kids who had heart transplants finally come through and we grieved with families who lost their children after battles with cancer and rare heart defects. Greg is still not 100% better but we pray daily for him and his condition.

This weekend I am asking you to pray for and send a Christmas card to an adorable little boy who has spent many days at Children's Mott.

Noah Biorkman , is a 5 year old boy who is in the last stages of a 2 1/2yr battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer. His family is celebrating Christmas next week and Noahs request is to get lots of Christmas cards..Let's get him some.

Please send cards to:
Noah Biorkman
1141 Fountian Viewcircle
South Lyon,Mi 48178

Let's see how many cards we can get to this Little guy!

If you would like to learn a little bit more about Children's Mott and Noah watch this short video. Noah's clip begins at 4minutes. The entire video will bring you to tears!

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