November 4, 2009

Quick and Easy Pancake Recipe

Phil and I love to eat breakfast for dinner as I am sure many families do. We both like pancakes but I personally hate making them. They are messy, they take forever and you can't just make it and sit down to eat. It is frustrating. I came across this recipe for German Oven Pancakes on a blog that I read frequently - Grocery Cart Challenge.

Last night we tried it out. It was delicious. We topped them with a bit of syrup and powdered sugar. We served them with Bacon and Hashbrowns. Best of all....It took 25 minutes and I didn't have a huge mess to clean up and thw whole thing was done at once. Which meant we could sit down and enjoy dinner together. Rather than me running back and forth to flip pancakes etc.

Here is the recipe in case you would like to try it out.

German Oven Pancakes
6 eggs
1 Cup Milk
1 Cup Flour
1/2 teaspoon Salt
2 Tablespoons Butter

Preheat Oven to 400 degrees
Put the Butter in a 9x13 glass pan and place in Oven to melt
Once melted slide around the pan to coat with butter
Put all ingredients in a blender
Blend until smooth
Pour into pan and Bake for 20 minutes
Serve with Lemon Juice or Syrup and Powdered Sugar


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engquist said...

I have so many memories of eating these as a kid!