September 29, 2009

Birthday Money, Weekend Fun and Tuesday Loves

Earlier this month I celebrated my 25th birthday. It is crazy to think that I am 25 already. A quarter of a century! I don't feel old or young. I am very much at an in between state. I have a college degree, a job I love, a husband I adore and a fabulous house. I think in my 25 years I have done pretty well for myself. I am excited to see what the next 25 years hold! It is crazy to think that at that time I will be 50! OLD! haha not really old just a lot will be different. Hopefully I will have a few kids, I will probably be working again hopefully in a job I love and hopefully we will have made it back to Michigan by then. We shall see! I dunno if Blogs will still be around then. A LOT has changed in technology these past 25 years I can't even imagine how it will be different in another 25!

My friend Dana and I celebrated our birthdays just 1 day apart. It is fun having a friend that has such a close birthday again! A group of the ladies from went out for dessert at Applebees. It was yummy! Than last Friday night Dana and I headed out to spend the birthday money we had received from our parents and grandparents! It was fun. We both got new purses and a few tops!

This weekend Phils parents came to town for a visit. It was there first time down since the day we moved in. We were excited to show them our home and the city we live in. We went to the farmers market, toured around campus, had lunch at an Indian restaurant and took the dogs for a walk at Happy Hollow Park. Here is a picture from the weekend:

Each and every Tuesday I am blessed to spend time with this adorable little one year old! She makes me smile and brings such joy to my life. She has 3 older siblings who are equally adorable thought they test my patience a bit more :) Her mother is a dear friend of mine and I love that God has brought us together here in Lafayette.
Happy 1st Birthday little one :)

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