October 15, 2009

My best friend is getting married!

This weekend I attended a Bridal Shower up in Chicago for my bestie Jennifer. Her sister and a good friend of mine, Claire, threw the shower at her mom's boss' BEAUTIFUL home in Lake Forest, Illinois. One of the activities was to write down your favorite story or memory of you and Jennifer. For me this was a pretty hefty assignment. ONE event that sticks out over the past 23 years....are you serious?!?! I couldn't narrow it down so I just picked one that stuck out in my mind as totally cool! My dad was working for Michigan Bell at the time. I was maybe 8. We were up at the Traverse City Resort for a golf outing my dad has planned for Bell. We were staying at a condo on the lake. When we pulled up we recognized a van pulling up next to us. It was the Glass'. Our parents had arranged for a double family vacation! It was pretty awesome!

Most of my memories include all 6 of us kids. The Abrahams (across the street neighbors from 5th grade - 10th grade), The Glass' (lived behind us from age 0 - 11th grade) and us. We had a club (The Incredible Edible Eggs), once we designed our own Monopoly game and we planned our meal schedules around flashlight tag and four square games! It was a fabulous way to grow up!

This year marks the 10th year of a Glass/Dzwigalski tradition. In 1999 John graduated from high school and we decided to make chocolate covered strawberries for his party. We have now done this for every major occasion our families have had! Here is the Chocolate Covered Strawberry making process for Jen's Shower :)

Cutting and Melting the Chocolate. Claire is a great cutter!


Krysten Dips the first few....

Claire intricately decorating the berries. Her and Krysten were fabulous!

The Artists :)

Close-Up of the Bride and Groom

There you have it! We are available for hire!

Here is the Bride and her wonderful bridesmaids :) Can't wait until November 21st!

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