August 21, 2009

Making our House a Home

My good friend Kelsey has been harassing me to update. I guess I just don't take time to do that anymore. For my work I update and maintain the blog/website there and that usually takes up all the patience I have for blooger/wordpress!

Phil and I have been homeowners for over a year now. We are coming up on 1 year of marriage as well! I am really excited about all the progress we have made on making our house a home. This isn't my dream house by any means but I am slowly turning it into a home that I love!

As many of you know when we moved in we were blessed with furniture that worked in each room. FREE furniture I may add! Every piece in our house besides the matress on our bed was previously owned by one of us or given to us by our wonderful family and friends. We were very blessed to not have to go out and spend a lot of money on furniture. That has allowed us to take that money and spend it on other things like fixing up the house or putting money towards student loans and car payments.

The changes we have made to our home couldn't have happened without the help of great people. My parents and grandparents have put in countless hours of work on our home. Whenever they are coming they tell us to create a to-do list for their time here. We have also had a lot of help from our good friends The Sutherlins! Greg has cut our lawn, helped Phil move things and Chris is always giving us knick knacks and buying stuff for us at garage sale. Even Kelsey gave us her old bedroom set....which we may be giving back to her since she has purchased her own home!

Anyways, Here are some pictures of the new rooms:

The front of the house is my least favorite part (actually the back is probably lower on the list -love the yard hate the porch). My mom and I spent a lot of time working on the flower bed. My annuals didn't do awesome (I don't like to water daily). Phil, Jeremy and I spent the morning finishing off the Rocks in the flower bed with the bushes. The weeds are crazy here and I don't have time for them so we thought rocks would help! I like it!

My grandparents bought us this dogwood tree. We planted it last July and it is looking less charlie brownish everyday. My mom painted that flag and it brings some color to the side yard :)

Here are two of the back flowerbeds. There are SEVERAL gardens at this house and I just couldn't keep up. We are slowly eliminating some and making some more manageable. Eventually we are going to add on and finish our deck. Then I will love my backyard. Until now its just okay.

My favorite room currently in my house is my kitchen. I love the cabinet space and the island. I love the decorations I have found. My mom bought us the corner cabinet a few weeks ago and we refinished and painted it! Looks great against the Green. I have been collecting the crosses for several months now and we have finally hung them. It took several trips to several stores but I finally found a tablecloth I love. Phil insists it is too girly but that doesn't stop him from eating every night! The buffet is a gift from Phils Aunt and Uncle. It was his parents when they first were married.

The bathroom downstairs has given us trouble since day one. We found a good deal of mold in it from a leaky pipe. Phil tore out the drywall and insulations immediatly and then it sat unusable for 7 months before mom, Krysten, Phil and I tackled it last July! Now it looks great!

Last but not least is the latest project. The master bathroom. The people that owned our house previously painted EVERY room in our house beige. I couldn't stand it any longer. I have always wanted a yellow room and when Glidden was giving away FREE paint a few months ago I signed up and received Fresh Pineapple! Here is our new Master Bath complete with new shower curtain and first anniversary gift from my grandparents :)


veronking2003 said...

Everything looks great! You did a wonderful job with the house!

Katy and Phil said...

Thanks Vee :) I appreciate it! Your Kitchen also looks fabulous. I am sure you are ready to put that mess behind you!

kels said...

yeah!! good update. :)

engquist said...

It looks like you guys are making some serious progress! I want to find a weekend sometime to come and visit and see the house firsthand.

Jessie's Girls said...

Katy, your house is so cute! I can't wait till we have a house of our own. Renting has its perks, but I'd love to do some housework that I know will stay and I will be able to reap the benefits from it for many years to come.