September 15, 2009

California Bound

This afternoon I will board a plane headed for Southern California, John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana. This airport holds lots of memories for me. I have anticipated this airport with excitement 3 times as I traveled to meet these three lovely girls

Sue and I have had many tearful goodbyes at this airport as I flew back to Michigan leaving them in California until another time. The last time I left was even more difficult since I knew that I would most likely not be traveling back to see them again. It was a few months before my wedding and I would be moving to Indiana.

This past weekend Phil and I had a wedding in Toledo Ohio. It gave us the perfect excuse to head up to Michigan and enjoy some fun times beforehand. My beloved California family had just moved back to Michigan from their SoCal fling and I was excited to stop in and see their new house and how much they have grown into little young ladies. Their house is beautiful and very clean and organized for having just moved across the country. However I wouldn't expect anything less from Sue. She will claim that she isn't organized in the least but she hasn't seen some of the houses I have! Hers is quite organized for having 3 under 5 running around! It was wonderful to visit with them, catch up on the happenings of the past year and talk about plans for the future. As our visit drew to a close we held it together. No tears this time. There was something comforting about knowing they are only a 5 hours car ride away.

I have mixed feelings about flying to California today. There will not be excited adorable blond haired beauties anticipating my arrival. At the same time I am happy that they no longer live on the "other side of the world" and I can see them whenever I please for a lot less of the cost of a plane ticket!

I will close with some happy memories in Cali and Michigan with these fabulous girls!
Kelsey and I the last time they visited Michigan at Graces Birthday party :)

Sue and I at Coronado Island @ Hotel De Coronado near San Diego

Katie and I in California on Halloween 2 years ago :)

Karly and I the first time I visited California in May of 2007

Katie Beth and I at the Beach :)

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