May 8, 2009

Recipe Swap: Baked Beans and Apples Side Dish

Baked Beans and Apples – Side Dish

1 Cup Onion – chopped
2 Granny Smith Apples – Chopped
2 lb smoked cooked kielbasa or sausage – sliced
2 TBSP Water
5 Cans (14 oz.) Baked Beans
1 Cup Packed Brown Sugar
¾ Cup Ketchup
¼ Cup BBQ Sauce
6 TBSP Dijon Mustard (I used mustard and honey)
1 Cup Golden Raisins (Optional)

Saute onions, apples and sausage in skillet under medium heat. Reduce to low for 10 minutes or until onions are transparent. In another dish combine beans, brown sugar, BBQ sauce, raisins, mustard and water in large saucepan and mix well. Cook over low heat 10-15 minutes until heated through. Add sausage mixture. Mix Well. Spook into large baking dish. Bake in oven for 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

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Snow White said...

love your blog! (by the way I used to read L. McDaniel's books too!!)

thanks for the recipe, looks like you have some other good ones in here too.