April 13, 2009

Happy Spring....or almost spring

I can't believe it has been a month since I last updated!

I told you that my two part time jobs kept me busy leaving me with only time on the weekends to post and lately my weekends have been packed. Bible study was canceled tonight so I am home with nothing to do but my Michigan taxes and why do them now when I can make my hubby help me tomorrow!

Two weekends ago my bestie, Jennifer, came in for a visit from Chicago. We had a great time shopping, watching movies and just enjoying each others company. I have known Jennifer for 23 years and while we don't see one another often we always have fun when we are together. Last weekend Phil and I took a rode trip with two good friends, Beth and Tom. We were headed down to Jeffersonville, Indiana for Courtney and Craig's wedding. We had a fabulous time. We stopped at a fun candy store on the way from the church to the reception, took a short drive over the water to Louisville and pigged out on candy at the reception. We are going to miss our friends when they move this summer!

The weather has been tricking us into thinking that spring is on its way. One day it will be sunny and 60 the next rainy and 38! My flowers are very confused! Speaking of flowers one of my coworkers gave us some Tigerlillies and Daffodils to plant. They are growing and hopefully will bud soon!

This weekend was busy yet again. My parents, grandma and sister drove down from Michigan on Friday afternoon. Friday evening I made us dinner and then took everyone on a "tour of Lafayette". Our final destination on the tour was DQ to get a cake for dessert. It was yummy! After dessert Mom and Krysten helped me make the communion bread for church.

Saturday we woke up early and went our seperate ways. Krysten, Phil and I headed to Indianapolis for Leadership Training for Christ. The Christian Student Center at Purdue where Phil works was having a booth there. It was a lot of fun to hang out and mingle with people from different churches across the midwest. We even were able to get Rally's for lunch! YUM! Here we are in our Purdue gear.

The boys (Phil, Jeremy and Derek) working the booth

Saturday evening we went to dinner at Nine Irish Brothers! My parents really enjoyed it and I thought their food was great! We took another ride around the outskirts of town before heading home. I was able to take my mom and grandma to Hobby Lobby. They had never been before. We found some really neat stuff for our bathroom remodel for pretty cheap. After that Phil taught us how to play Settler of Cataan.

Sunday was great. We went to church as a family and then came home and had a traditional Easter meal.

It was really great having my family here for the holiday. I can't wait for them to visit again!

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I love the Purdue shirts!! You're really becoming a native ;-)