March 14, 2009

Happy Day

A few things that made me happy today:

1) Tippecanoe County Library Book Sale - I had no idea what to expect and before last weekend didn't know about this book sale (Thanks Josh Boyd!). It was amazing. Easily over 20,000 books. I arrived promptly at 9:06am and headed straight to the Science Fiction Section (laugh now but keep reading). Phil wasn't able to come with me so he had sent me with a list of things he was looking for and I decided to look for his books first (aren't I sweet). Then I headed straight to the Childrens book. I was able to get the 2 books I needed to complete my collection of Roald Dahl books and Little House on the Prairie. I could have easily bought several other great books but decided $5 was the perfect amount to spend. One sad moment of the day was when a lady 2 boxes ahead of me found The Giving Tree.... AHHH! My favorite book! Oh well.

2) Ziploc bags and Saran Wrap for $1. I know crazy! I never knew how expensive those little things were until I moved out! I was even able to get Ziploc evolve made with less plastic and therefore better for the environment. Since we wash and reuse our bags a few times before throwing them away I think that the 100 bags I bought today should last us through 2009! Heres to hoping!

3) Clean hardwood floors. The sun yesterday reminded me of just how dirty my hardwood floors really were. I took some time today to wash them and buff them! Beautiful. They smell yummy too!

4) Hawaiian Chicken for dinner - recipe compliments of my sister

5) Finding a bag large enough for Courtney and Craigs wedding present. I was really nervous about this one!

That is all! Thanks for reading!


Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

Amazing how little things become such HUGE things when you're married, eh?! I am so proud of you guys for going green. We're trying really hard too and I've found it harder since there isn't a lot of recycling around here. Won't give up though!

Anonymous said...

My apologies for annoying you.

You should really password protect your weblog and only give access to close friends and family. You may find my comment here and my weblogs to be annoying or disturbing, but there are far worse people trolling the internet.

You seem like nice people. Protect yourself.

Anonymous said...

I left something out:

Try to be more safety concious. There really are an awful lot of criminals roaming the quiet countryside.

kels said...

umm... you should probably update.