May 20, 2009


I have wanted a garden in our yard since we've been married and a few weekends ago my wonderful husband built me a raised bed! We are going to expand on to it next year so we can plant our fruit plants in the full sun they need. Here is a picture:

We are growing Tomatoes, Green Beans, Carmen Peppers and Peas.

The only thing I was sad about with a garden was that trips to the farmers market in Lafayette will be less. I LOVE our farmers market! It is so fun, the people are so friendly and nice and the food is great and cheap! We only planted a few things this year so what we can continue our weekend trips to the market!

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Jessie's Girls said...

Thats great! I did a garden last year and loved it! None this year, but fortunately the flea market/farmers market near us is crazy cheap. I go every Saturday.