January 29, 2009

The Letter M

I just recently was "tagged on Facebook to write a list of 25 random things about me. I will admit it was kind of hard. This is another game but a bit easier because it is only 10 and there are some regulations! My friend Kelsey tagged me in this game. If you wanna play along too, just leave a comment and I will assign you a letter. Then you post about it on your blog and list 10 things that you love that begin with your assigned letter. And you can assign letters to others... etc.

So here are my 10 favorite things that begin with the letter M....

10 - Minivans - I LOVE minivans. I have never been an SUV girl and won't go through the SUV phase before I have kids I am going straight to the minivan. Preferably a Honda minivan. I can't wait!

9 - Moose Tracks Ice Cream - I love all ice cream but if I had to pick a favorite it would Moose Tracks. Preferably Kroger brand Premium Select! The creamyness of the vanilla type flavor mixed with the frozen chunks of fudge and the peanut butter is just awesome! There is almost always a half gallon of this in my freezer at home!

8 - Mineral Makeup - This is a recent love. I took me awhile to buy into the mineral makeup phenomenon mainly because 14 dollars is ALOT to pay for one compact but my dermatologist suggested that I try it out to conceal my red splotches. I decided that for my wedding makeup I would splurge and I love it! I will not go back to Cover Girl. I have to save my pennies to buy it though.

7 - Melaina - There is nothing that melts my heart more than little kids. This particular little girl holds a special place in my heart. She is just adorable and one of the smartest 2 year olds in the world I am certain! I spent many Thursday/Friday "date nights" in her parents living room building with blocks, doing puzzles, reading books and wearing a bucket on my head to make her laugh. I hope that I am half the mother that her mom is and that my daughter can be half as smart and cute as she is!

6 - Markers - Coloring is one of my favorite past times. I love all types of markers but my favorite are the skinny ones. This year at Christmas I bought myself a new coloring book and some new markers and I use them frequently to de-stress at night. School supplies in general are fun but I love my Crayola!

5 - Melon - There is something very refreshing about Melons. I like all kinds though prefer a nice ripe Cantelope. Melon is very summery and makes me feel warm inside!

4 - Market - The Market I am referring to with this M is the Farmers Market. Back in Michigan we had a huge Farmers Market in Royal Oak and most weekends you would find my mom, grandma and myself at the market early Saturday morning. The market here in Lafayette isn't too bad either. They have amazing fresh flowers and organic grown vegtables and even live music. It is just fun to get up early and head to the market in the summer and fall!

3 - Magazines - Magazines are expensive so I don't subscribe to many (only Real Simple) but I love them nonetheless. Receiving a magazine in the mail is exciting! I have a friend who has a sick obsession with People magazine and I enjoy reading it as well. I like going through the checkout lane and reading the headings. I also love when you have a 5 hour flight to California and the person that sat in the seat you are sitting in before you left several fun magazines there! That was awesome!

2 - Marriage - I love being married. I think it helps that I married an extremely fun, funny, helpful and all around awesome guy. I love cooking together, going on adventures, and playing games. I married one of my best friends and I couldn't imagine my life any other way. I even love just being in the same room. There is a certain comfort knowing that there will always be someone there for you to support you, lift you up and comfort you. Marriage is great!

1 - My Mom - I cannot say enough about my mom. She is my best friend. I know that I can confide in her and she is really good at listening (I didn't always think this about her). I have always wanted a best friend that didn't judge me and that was always there for me and I realized that she is that person. My favorite memories have been made with her. I love spending time with her especially the countless hours we spent watching HGTV and knitting in the family room. I miss her terribly and talk to her almost daily on the phone!


Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

Awesome!! I will have to do this too when I get the chance....since it is about "M" things and I am Mrs. Mitson :-)

#4 is my favorite, I used to go to the Plymouth or Northville Farmers markets with my mom every single Saturday and I miss that so much.

Hope all is well for you both dear!

kels said...

I LOVE moose tracks ice cream!! My fav. and Mineral makeup... esp BareMinerals! I love it. AND magazines. :)

I think I'm gonna come to your fondue party on friday!!

Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

OH MY GOSH! I totally know how you feel!! I want to post more of Jess's pics on my blog too...but Jess wants to see the whole disc of pics before I post more and they are in the mail on their way to her!

Check back soon!! The second she gets that disc and gives me the ok, there will be MANY more to view! We had SOOOOOO much fun :-)

Jessie's Girls said...

Yay for minivans! I'm so glad you looked me up while you were in town. It was great to see a familiar face and get out of the house for awhile.