January 27, 2009

Friendships....Emotions.... Much needed trips....

This weekend I had the opportunity to travel up to Chicago and spend some much needed QT (quality time) with my best friend Jennifer. I really needed this trip. I had a pretty emotional week with my grandfathers emergency heart surgery and my canceled weekend with my mom.

I have an amazing church family here in Indiana who lifted up my family specifically my grandfather in prayer last weekend. It was awesome sharing my concerns and emotions with a group of ladies on Sunday morning and then praying with them and talking with them afterwards. They even sent a get well card to my grandparents letting them know they were praying for him. How sweet. Thank you Sheri, Hedi, Margaret and all the other ladies in the Sunday morning ladies class!

Then on Sunday afternoon my good friend Chris cleared her whole schedule just for me! She knew how upset I was about missing a weekend with my mom and that this was just a really hard time for me so she made a huge sacrifice for me and planned an afternoon of antiquing. It was so fun and just what I needed to lift my spirits that day! Thanks so much Chris!

Wednesday I had a message from Jennifer asking if I was busy this weekend and if I was willing to drive up and go bridal dress shopping with her and her mom. Of course I wasn't busy (I never am) and so I jumped at the opportunity. We spent the whole day together. We ate lunch at an awesome all you can eat soup and salad bar restaurant called Sweet Tomatoes. YUMMY! We then set out on the hunt for a wedding gown for her November wedding! After several dresses at 2 stores we found the one. I loved it the minute she put it on.. I wasn't sure about her feelings though... We went out to look into the big mirror and after 2 minutes of speechlessness I finally said "Say something.. Do you like it" and we all started crying. It was perfect. The perfect dress for the perfect wedding for the perfect best friend!

I just found out that my boss is fully supportive of me missing a conference to go spend time with my family. I hate disappointing people and she reassured me that she will not think less of me for putting family first and she doesn't doubt my commitment to my job or the projects I am working on. So my parents are picking me up in Indianapolis and we are driving to Florida. I will spend 5 glorious days in the warmth of the Florida sun and the wonderful company of my family! Now I need to think of books to bring.. anyone have any suggestions???


Abi said...

Katy, I think you'd really like Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you haven't read it yet. :)

Anonymous said...

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