January 19, 2009

I have been tagged....

My friend Naomi tagged me in this fun little survey!

4 Things I did yesterday:
1. Went to Church
2. Made homemade Qdoba for lunch :)
3. Went to antique stores with my friend Chris
4. Had spaghetti for dinner with the college students while watching a video on the mission trip we are taking in March!

4 Things on my Wish List:
1. A job that I love with benefits!
2. A new couch.
3. A trip to Florida to see my grandparents!
4. A Cricut for scrapbooking.

4 Restaurants I like:
1. Mcalisters Deli
2. Panera
3. Olive Garden
4. Scottys :)

4 TV shows I like:
1. Brothers and Sisters
2. Chuck
3. The Office
4. Life

4 People I tag:
1. Kelsey
2. Kate
3. Holly W.
4. Veronica

1 comment:

kels said...

oh, I need to do this one too!

I give you the letter M. Go. :)