December 29, 2008

Christmas in Michigan

Phil and I were able to travel back to Michigan for an entire week for the holidays! My family is big on celebrating Christmas before Christmas with family parties, food, games and fun. Saturday we loaded up the car with presents and luggage and drove to Michigan. We just missed the bad weather through Fort Wayne and had a fairly uneventful drive, making it to my parents house at 3pm.

Saturday Evening we hung out with my dad's side of the family at my parents house for the Dzwigalski Family Christmas. After the party we enjoyed playing Rockband and Mario Kart on Phil's wii with my cousin Kelly and her husband Craig.
The girls take a turn :)

The "Skisters" was our band name!

Sunday morning Phil and I were able to attend Lake Orion Church of Christ. I love going back there and catching up with the families that were fundamental early on in my faith growth and in our relationship. After church we went to the Flynn Family Christmas at my grandparents house in Berkley. My uncle from up north was able to come down with all 7 of the second cousins and that was fun. We ate a lot of food and cookies, opened gifts and played Catch Phrase and Cranium.
The Michigan Cousins - Katy, Krysten, Victoria and Taylor :)

Sisters :)

Monday - Wednesday was spent shopping, visiting friends and being sick. We also managed to have coney island (something that is really needed in Indiana if I am going to continue living there) and take a trip to Ikea.
Phil and I enjoyed spending the evening on Tuesday with The Gorman Family. I began watching Alexis and Ashley my sophomore year at Rochester. I was looking for part time work and found an advertisement on the job board at the college. I met Kim, Rich, the girls and their crazy puppy Abby and immediately knew it was the perfect job for me. I watched the girls for 2 and a half years and still keep in touch with them today. I grew to enjoy their friendship and love them like sisters.
Phil and I with Alexis (13) and Ashley (10)

Monday we got together with the neighbors and the munchkins for Mr. Kabob (best Mediterranean food EVER)and to exchange gifts. Phil and I bought them a book. Mom made them superhero capes and Krysten embroidered their names on napsacks and filled them with princess and cars stuff :) Here we are:

We had a nice Christmas breakfast with my parents, sister and my dads mom after opening gifts together. Phil and I were spoiled this year. Phil even got the Blue Ray player he wanted and I got lots of scrapbooking stuff, new sheets/pillows and Charlie Brown dishes! At noon we headed west to Holland for a visit with Phil's family. We opened gifts with Dad and Jill, visited with his mom and siblings, played some cards, went shopping and had a snowball fight! For all of you living in Indiana.....This is a real winter:

18 inches of snow all around, Snowbanks up to your hips, icicles that could really do some damage. The snow really isn't that bad once you get used to it :) I will say it is much colder and windier in Indiana. I am glad we took these pictures when we did because that night we had a thunderstorm (yes it is December) and it was 55 degrees and raining. The rain stopped bringing in the fog and almost all the snow melted! Crazy!


kels said...

ick... snow. It can stay in Michigan.
that little boy looks like he doesn't really want his picture taken with Phil.
also- we need to have another card night soon.

Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

Not going to lie, I am definitely envious that you were able to spend a whole week in MI for Christmas. I got less than 24 hours and though I am thankful for that little bit, it wasn't enough :-(

Finally feeling a little better here. Thanks for the comment - and always, thank you for giving my name out!! :-) MUCHO appreciated!