October 8, 2008

Wedding Pictures

My next door neighbor signed on as the paparazzi for our wedding day and I am glad she did. She captured a few moments that are near and dear to me that our photographer missed. Here is a sneak peak into our wedding days. Its the little moments that count. These pictures tell wonderful stories of our day!

My mom looked beautiful the day of my wedding and so happy!

Conner getting ready for the day, so cute!

Asking for help putting the Bout on my dad. It was fun to do this in my front yard!

My sister has issues with smiling :) We were making her use her teeth

Conner is making the moves early on. I love this picture and think it is hallmark worthy!

Grace was so excited for the wedding. She had been talking about being the flowergirl for months. The day was amazing for her, she loved every minute!

Conner was being a bit shy with all the unfamiliar faces around and Grace was giving him a talking too. John our photographer was able to get a few good pictures of Conner and I after that :)

My favorite picture of myself!

Look both ways. It was a beautiful day and we were able to walk to the church! This was a neat photo op!

The BEST picture by far of Phil! So Handsome!

Enjoy :)


Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

OH MY GOSH! You are SO gorgeous, the day looks gorgeous, the pics are so sweet...I love the little moments. And yes, Phil is quite handsome :-)

OT - The new look for the blog rocks my socks off. It's awesome. I am jealous. Need to get me something this sweet lookin' ;-)

kels said...

how did you get that banner at the top?!

and I LOVE the pictures. :)

Jessie's Girls said...

Hi Katy - love the new header! You were a gorgeous bride, my dear. And yes, FL. Jessie got a promotion of sorts. Its great, and awful, if you know what I mean:). But we are confident its where the Lord has provided for us to go, and if God is for us, who can be against us!