October 16, 2008

Computers are not meant to be humans!

I absolutely despise talking to computers on the phone. I don't mind when its a for english press one etc. These simple "computer people" can weed out those who aren't calling for a specific reason and can easily send you to the department which you want to speak with. The kind of "computer person" I am frustrated with is the kind that companies "hire" to do their work for them. Customer service should never be handled by a computer. In order to be successful it is proven that you need to have customers who are honorable to your product and you can't achieve that by having a "computer person" handle their questions and concerns about your product.

The "computer person" I just spoke with before being placed on hold for the last 25 minutes wanted me to tell her my consumer ID number on the top of my insurance card. I spoke clearly and not too quiet but not too loud the 12 letter number combination ID. She came back and stated that she was sorry but she couldn't understand me. (that is probably because she is a computer and not meant to understand a human conversation. She asked me to either repeat the ID or punch it in on my phone. I thought hmmm.. weird... to punch in a number/letter mix but I took that option because it was obvious that my talking was not getting through to her. She came back to tell me that she was sorry but couldn't understand me and would put me through to someone who could help me. This all could have been avoided if they would have had a real human answer my call in the first place. Now I am an annoyed customer who wasted 25 minutes on hold just to get an additional Insurance Card so my husband could have his own, since we are supposed to have them with us at all times.. which is hard to do if you have two people and ONE card!

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Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

Sounds like a horrible experience I've had many many times since being married. Somehow, the "opportunities" to talk to a computer seem to multiply exponentially once you're married...as opposed to being single. Not sure why, but it is aggravating!