October 15, 2008

Clean out the purse!

Because Kelsey did it…and I am bored at work! Here is what is in my purse. The list will be significantly shorter because just this week I switched to my fall pursue.

• My Wallet – full of gift cards, and various other things one of which is not money
• Mechanical Pencil
• My absolute favorite lip gloss – CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint!
• About 30 trident and stride gum wrappers – they never make it to the garbage!
• A box of Altoids Wintergreen mints – not only used for freshening your breath but also heal bronchitis and sinus infections
• Kelsey’s camera charger that she so lovingly lent to me last night!
• My car keys on a really cool “Career Beaner” from the good ol’ Rochester College
• Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card
• Remnants of a Candy Cane from last years Winter season – GROSS!


kels said...

hahahaha... how did a candy cane from last year get in your fall purse?!?! :)
see you at lunch.

Katy and Phil said...

I got it for Christmas last year and used it for a bit in the winter :)