July 26, 2008

Bridal Shower #2

Alot has happened since my last post! I just haven't had any spare time and I have been without internet and traveling a lot. I will do several updates tonight though to catch everyone up. Not that anyone really reads this religiously...lol.

On July 13th my sister, Bonnie, my Grandma Ellen and Anndrea all through my a fabulous shower at Camp Ticonderoga. It was a beautiful day. It was so nice to see all of my friends and family together and having a great time. It's funny how a wedding brings together people from all parts of your life. Never did I think that my family would meet the people I babysit for. It is nice though to know that everyone I care about and those who have impacted my life so much can come together.

The shower was really nice. Phil and I have been incredibly blessed and we can't wait for the wedding! Here are a few pictures from the day, compliments of my neighbor and good friend Jodi who took over 200 pictures!

My favorite present of the morning :) Jean blanket made by my sister

The Bridal party :)

SISTERS! Krysten, Abi, Katy and Emily :)

Grace and I with the present from her and Conner :)

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