July 26, 2008


This past week Philip and I spent over 35 hours in the car and spent over 14,000 dollars! Last Monday (July 14th) my mom, grandma and I headed down to Lafayette Indiana so that we (Phil and myself) could become official homeowners! We closed at 4:30pm and headed straight over to the house so that we could show it off to mom and grandma who officially became our first house guests with Chris, Greg and Kelsey coming over shortly after that. It was an indescribable feeling opening the door to your very own home! We had a few issues, such as the previous owners left us 6 bags full of nasty smelly garbage and also forgot to give us a garage opener but everything was fine besides that.

Mom, grandma and I spent 4 days cleaning the inside from top to bottom. It was filthy and I am certain that it hadn't been cleaned in at least six months. The previous owners also had a dog which I didn't know about and therefore there was a ton of hair! Ew! Grandma carpet scrubbed with the machine and still was wiping dirt off with a rag after! Phil spent the time powerwashing the deck and the whole outside of the housee. He plans to do the garage floor also since whatever they had in the garbage bags managed to leak all over!

Thursday we said goodbye to the house and headed to Michigan. I packed a suitcase and early Friday morning we loaded in the car with Eric, Natalie and MJ and headed for Syracuse New York for Naomi's wedding. I drove the whole way and made it safely through my first ever border crossing as a driver. I only told a few white lies when the man at the New York boarder grilled me. I was nervous and I didn't know what city we were going to! We stopped for lunch at the falls to let MJ run around a bit and look at all the water. Here are a few pictures. Don't mind our hair... it was HUMID!

Me and MJ at the Falls

Me and Natalie at the Falls

The Falls themselves :)

The wedding was really nice. I loved their Texas themed rehersal dinner complete with a texas shaped texas sheet cake and country song guessing game. It was perfect! The wedding was perfectly Naomi, simple, cute, and fun! We stayed with an awesome family. They even pulled out the china and made us a wonderful spread of food 3 times. I swear the food just kept coming. Eric, Phil, myself and Bill Perkins ate an entire watermelon on Saturday! We were so full by the end of the weekend!

Once we got home it was time to celebrate my dads 62nd birthday. The neighbors, grandma and grandpa and Bonnie, Harry and Conner all came over to have cake and ice cream. Here is the cutest picture of Conner, Dane and Grace all helping dad out!

Bright and early Monday morning the craziness continued when we went and picked up the moving truck. My 4pm all of our things were loaded into a truck sitting in my driveway! Monday night we headed to Holland for a little relaxation with the future in laws before heading to Indiana.

Conner and I with the moving truck.

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