May 27, 2008

Whirlwind of a Weekend

Here is a picture to sum up the reason for the past weekend....

That, for those of you who don't know, is an Indiana plate. As of last Friday Phil is officially an Indiana resident and officially the Campus Minister at Purdue for the Elmwood Church of Christ! Everything happened fairly quickly and I wanted to wait before making it known on the internet. I have told my family and my work so we are good to go! This will be a huge adjustment but we are excited for the adventure.

Phil already lives in Lafayette and has for the past year. I will join him at after the wedding or before if I get a job there that requires me down there before that. I have applied at several places and am hoping to get a job soon! I just applied for an awesome event planning job at Purdue University!

I traveled to Indiana this past weekend. We went out on Friday to look at houses with a realtor. We focused our search on two areas: West Lafayette (where Purdue is) and the Southern part of Lafayette, we also looked at bit in Brookston but found that it was too country for us:

We looked at 11 homes and found 2 that we love in the southern part of Lafayette. We really were looking for 2 things in a house - a yard and hardwood floors. This home has both. The yard is so big in fact that Phil will be begging his dad to give him his John Deere riding mower.

Our good friends, The Sutherlins took us out to the houses later that night. I was so turned around during the day that I had no idea where we were or where they were located. It was nice to see them again and hear more about the area. The school system is apparently great and the one house is down the street from a good friend of Chris' and she said that his son's plow the road in the winter. AWESOME!

We are excited to own our own home and to move! It will be a fun adventure. The rest of the weekend was spent with our new best friend Monica.....
.....whom the Sutherlin's so graciously let us borrow so that we didn't get lost when looking at houses in Brookston, attending a few graduation parties and doing some sightseeing!

Stay Tuned for more Indiana moving updates........

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kels said...

I'm still rooting for my top 2 houses...

1) $20,000,000 castle in Carmel (it's got a gym and everything!)

2) Any house in the ADORABLE neighborhood of Heron Bay with all the Florida snowbirds... I got to thinking too, since most of your neighbors there would most likely be in Florida for the winter (considering their age), you could make a KILLING watching their houses/every house besides yours in the neighborhood... haha!

But your favorite choice was good, too... I'm just saying don't rule those others out quite yet. :)