June 1, 2008

High School Graduation

This weekend I headed over to Holland for Phil's sister Abigails graduation party. On the way home I was thinking about high school and how long it had been since my graduation party. Things have changed a lot since then! College will do that to you. I love watching Phil's siblings grow up. It is crazy that Abi will be going to college next year. In some ways she is too young but really that is just becuase I still think of her as she was the first time I met her. She really has grown since then. She has faced challenges and been stretched by her experiences. She truly is a wonderful young women and she will do awesome in college. It is fun to think about the past. I used to read through my high school and middle school journals... how petty I was back then! I would write about the silliest things. On Thursday I was cleaning out my closet getting ready for a garage sale. I found a notebook from when Phil and I started dating. The Title was Novembe 11th. That was the day we officially started dating... since that was the day that Phil called and asked my dad for permission. It was nice to read a journal that wasn't about silly things from the past but rather how God had really been working in my life and in Phils. He brough us together and has been working in us ever since.

Anyways I will spare you the trip down memory lane and sappy love stories.... here are some pictures from the weekend!

Alex showing us his moves on the Scooter

Abi and Philip @ her party

Emily being silly @ the party!

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