May 9, 2008

Wedding Dress!

Last night Mom, Grandma, Grace and I checked of a few more things on the wedding to-do list! We took off at 5pm and went straight to the Chair Covers and Linens place that my dad's boss recommended. I immediately fell in LOVE with a sample set up they had in my colors. The tablecloth was white with a green organza and sheer stripe over lay and Navy Blue sheer chair sashes over white chair covers! We decided to go all out for the quote to see what it would cost. We added delivery, the chair covers and sashes, the table clothes and tear down. For a whopping UNREAL total of 725 dollars!!!! Are you joking me! So we sadly took off the table clothes, and tear down. I will pay the extra 60 cents per chair to have them "installed". It will be worth every penny. My sister, my Aunt Patty and I did the chair cover install for my cousins Kellys wedding and it was rediculous!

After the chair cover order we went over to try on my dress. All I can say on the internet about that is that my dress is GORGEOUS and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We purchased a dress for Grace (my flowergirl) at TJ Maxxs so we had to see if it matched my dress and it matches the color perfectly! I am excited that we got a dress for her for only $23 dollars! Now to find a suit for that much for Conner! Yea Right! I ordered my veil/blusher and tried on my shoes with my dress and then we headed home.

I know the suspense is killing you all .... so don't worry.... in 113 days I will show you my dress!


Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

Hello dear! I got the table from a shop owner here in Massillon. She has a french store and the table was part of a trade that I will be doing. I take pictures for her new website and she gave me a table and a crystal wall sconce. I LOVE them both!

And, I would LOVE to help you decorate your house once you and Phil are settled and I would gladly do it for free as a wedding present for you both. It's SO fun to me. So fun in fact that the reason I haven't posted more images of our new hosue is that I keep changing things before I can get pictures of the progress!!! *lol* Luckily, Nathan is patient with me!

kels said...

I got a new blog... just fyi! :)
And you should bring your wedding dress with you this weekend so I can see it! :) hahaha jk, of course.