April 16, 2008

The Real O.C.

This week I am spending time with five of my favorite people and my all time favorite dog (okay the only dog I've ever even associated with). Orange County is a nice place, definetly wouldn't want to live here full time but this is my third time coming out here this year and I really do love it. Its the perfect tempature warm and sunny (once the Marine layer goes away).

Katie and Brent picked me up to the airport and right away Katie started telling me about California and her new preschool and all the fun things we are going to do this week. We played every board game they have in the house as soon as we got home. I finally had to explain to her that I am going to be here for 7 whole days!

Karly gave me a hug right away and her smile will just melt your heart! She is adorable with her tight head of curls! and Kelsey is cute as can be. She looks just like Karly did so I instantly bonded with her since I had Karly when she was an infant every day :) Our goal this week is to get Kelsey to start taking a bottle so I am on bottle duty every morning and evening! It's awesome! The perfect way to bond with this little baby!

Anyways, I am going to go try and call my Michigan friends and family while all 3 of the girls are sleeping. The time change makes it so hard to talk on the phone! I am using my camera ALOT so I will post pictures!

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