April 12, 2008

New Camera

I have always enjoyed taking pictures and am known to my friends and family to always have my camera out. Recently I have started taking my pictures and putting them in a portfolio, just for fun. I have no real desire to enter the extremely competitive photography market at the moment but I do enjoy taking pictures!

Last month Phil and I went out out on a walk in Indiana and were going to shoot some pictures and realized that my camera was broken. The shutter was jammed and it wouldn't allow us to take pictures! I had only had the camera for a little over a year and so I was really bummed since I spent a good deal of money on it! My dad and I took it to a camera shop and found out it would cost more than it was worth to fix.

Anyways, Phil and I have been researching and looking at new cameras. Mainly SLR as we wanted something that will last awhile and that is more "fancy". This afternoon we headed out to Best Buy to stimulate the economy! :)

I am now the proud owner of a Canon Rebel XTi 10! WOO! I am really excited to take out out to California with me next week and play with it!

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