April 18, 2008

Even Big Girls Need Naps!

I am exhausted. I sit here typing this to help me wind down after a whirlwind of a day. I admit I am not ready to be a mommy. I have all the training I could ever want, I think I would make a good mommy but at the end of the day its nice knowing that these girls have their very own mommy to go to!

Even though I am still getting about 8 hours of sleep a night, waking up to "MOMMY, WAAAA" at 6am every day is starting to take a toll on me! I'm not meaning to complain as I love these three girls dearly but its tough work. Sue is a saint! She is so patient and loving to these girls and she does it everyday! It's hard and tiring, I know (firsthand now) that its hard work doing this everyday. Brent and Sue went out tonight on a much needed date. They haven't had one without the girls since Kelsey was born 3 weeks ago.

Sue and I have been getting breaks from the action here and there. In the mornings Katie goes to Preschool so we have a few hours to contend with just two kids. Yesterday we went to M.O.P.S (mothers of preschoolers). It was really neat. They were having their tea party. Then two women shared their testimonies and we all sat and talked about how God has worked in our lives. It was really nice. I hope that I can have a great group of connected moms and women who love God when I am a mother. I am glad that Sue has been able to connect with these amazing women out here! In the afternoon we braved the mall with a 4 year old that didn't nap! Call us crazy! We went to Irvine Spectrum Center, an AMAZING outdoor mall! Its the COOLEST place, I'm convinced! They have a fountain outside that the kids can play in. It was really nice. We got dinner at CPK! and then tried a California favorite, Pinkberry Yogurt! YUMM!

This morning Sue and I took a 4 mile walk around the lake. The trails they have here in Cali are so nice! It was really relaxing and we were able to chat uninterupted while Karly and Kelsey napped in the strollers! We got Katie to take a nap today and to reward us all we spent the late afternoon at the pool.

I am having fun here even in my exhuastion. Tomorrow Katie has soccer so that should be fun to watch! I'm going to head to bed! I need to get the extra hour tonight!

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