April 21, 2008

Beach Day

This afternoon we went over to Balboa Island to play in the sand for a bit. It was too cold for swimsuits and swimming but we were able to take some really cute pictures. I have taken 248 pictures on this trip so far and I'm sure I will take more tomorrow before I head home. It will be hard for me to leave California again. This is likely my last trip out here before the wedding and I won't see the girls until July! They can change so much in that amount of time. After my visit in May I was extremely sad to leave. It was my final goodbye. I didn't say goodbye to the Ruffners with the rest of my family and neighbors back in Michigan instead I went to work on the day they left to distract myself and I knew in just a week I would join them at their new house in California. So when I was leaving that was my true goodbye. In October I wasn't as sad because I would see them in a few weeks when they came home for Thanksgiving. This time however I won't see them until July and by the Kelsey will be crawling, and Karly will be talking like crazy! Even now as I type this I am sad. I love these girls so much! I was devastated when Karly started walking nad I wasn't there to see her first steps! I don't want to miss new words and her independence streak! I don't want to miss Karly's giggles, rolling over and her first crawls! It is going to be hard but all good things must end and I will cherish their love and friendship forever. They usually say absence makes a heart grow fonder and while I fully believe this is true you can only experience this growth when you meet again which won't be for a long time. I just pray that Karly will remember me on their next visit.

Here are few pictures....after all the sappy talk :)

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Debra Lane Designs said...

I just found your blog when doing a beach blog search. Just wanted to say hi.

I can totally agree on the Big girls need naps too...LOL