April 28, 2008

Home Sweet Home

There is something so nice about coming home after a vacation. Vacations are always fun and tend to be a bit on the relaxing side but I always feel releif and more relax once I am back home and settled into my routine again. More on home at a later date..... lots of changes going on in our lives but I don't think I am ready to make an official post on this. I am excited about the journey and adventure ahead!

The weekend was really nice, warm and sunny. We spent alot of time outside playing with the neighbor kids. I was able to try out some new shots on my camera. My neighbors also pitched in and gave Phil and I an early wedding present. The Canon 55-250mm Lens! It is AWESOME! Here are some pictures from the weekend!
Conner is getting so big! I love this little kid!

Grace's 3rd Birthday Picture

The new Bubble Blower!

Me and Gracie @ her party!

Dane LOVES my dad!

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