January 9, 2008

New Year, Most Posts

I am determined to actually keep this blog up. I love reading over peoples blogs and finding out about what they are doing and just keeping in touch through the world wide web. It is sort of impersonal I suppose but at least it is a way for us all to share our thoughts and put ourselves out there to be discovered.

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. It is crazy to think of all the things that occured for me in 2007! I've had a busy year. I have grown in my faith, I have bonded with my family, made new friends, rekindle relationships with old friends, suffered the loss of a friend, celebrated birth, struggled to find a job I love, discovered new energy for the job I have. Overall it has been a great year. Here are a few of the highlights!
Philip proposed on April 28th
We are making plans for an August 30th 2008 Wedding :)

My dear friends, the Ruffners, moved their family to California.
I went out to help them settle in and watch the girls in May. It's hard not watching them grow up but we talk often on the phone.
July was probably the most jam packed month of all. First we had a trip to Onekama, Michigan. We stayed at a cute Inn right on Portage Lake with a short walk to Lake Michigan. During that trip we took a day float down a river and ended up at the lake. Unfortunatly we all neglected to bring our cell phones and when we returned we had 20 missed calls from friends and family. Apparently there was a big storm back home and one of our trees fell and hit our house and crushed my car. We went to the casino that night to take our mind off things and headed home the next day to survey the damage. Here is what we found:

My poor car was completed crushed by a tree branch. Needless to say the insurance gave me almost the amount that I paid for it (even after driving it for 3 years) and I was able to buy a 2005 Chevy Malibu. After this incident life had to go on still. On July 14th I went on my very first Mission Trip. We spent a week at a camp outside of Cincinnatti called CUMO. We spent a week working with inner city youth from age 7 to 12. The theme was "Crossover" so we taught the kids about crossing over from the team of the world to God's team and all that entails. It was a great experience. I will never forget the girls in my cabin and the impact they had on me. When I got back from CUMO, my Grandpa's Cousins came in from England for a 2 week visit. We had fun introducing them to "American" things and showing them the beautiful state of Michigan. We taught the kids how to play American Football and took a trip up to Traverse City to show them the Sand Dunes. It was a hectic visit but it was nice to meet some of my Grandfathers family.

The fall came too quickly and work began in full swing. Wedding plans also began in the fall and Philip made the transition from Interim Associate Minister to Interim Campus Minister. I took a few trips to Lafayette to visit him and meet people from the church. Everyone there was so welcoming and I really had a great time at each of my visits. We have however made the decision to stay in Michigan after we are married and therefore Philip will end his time with the Elmwood Church of Christ in May and return here in hopes of finding another job. In September I turned 23! We celebrated by going out to eat at my new favorite restaurant P.F Changs. In October I took another trip to California. This trip we drove up to Hollywood to see the famous sign. We even bought a Star Map like true tourist and drove around looking at people's hedges :). I was nice to spend Halloween with Katie and Karly. Halloween is much more fun in a warm climate! You don't have to cover your costume with a coat!

November and December brought the holidays. This year we tried out the new plan for the holidays once we are married. It is really crazy how hectic it can get and we don't even have to travel out of state. I can't imagine doing that! The holidays were great. I enjoy spending time with extended family and playing games and just talking over good food. The year ended with a trip back to Holland to celebrate Alex's 13th birthday. We spent the day at a Christmas party with Philip's mom's family and then went back to his dad's where we made pizza rolls, had a snowball fight and played games until the wee hours of the morning.

As you can see 2007 was a great year and I can't wait to see what 2008 has in store for me and my family!

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