January 11, 2008

Nintendo DS Lite

A friend of mine received a Nintendo DS Lite for Christmas. I was telling Phil about it and how neat the game she got was. Instantly he went into Phil mode which is what we refer to the moment when he begins talking about Video Games and trying to convince me that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. While I enjoy playing Mario Kart, DDR and a few Wii games I do not feel it necessary to play them on a regular basis or spend $50 everytime a new game comes out. It is a form of entertainment I understand that but I also understand saving money and think that spending 100 plus dollars on entertainment is a bit silly.

However after a few days and lots of talking about the DS from Phil and my sister I finally caved in and bought one (with Phil's help). I wasn't sure who was more excited about my purchase at first Phil or I. It was pretty funny.

Don't get me wrong though, I have learned to love my DS and I play it a lot. It keep me entertained while Phil is gone. Its small so I can fit it in my purse. I can take it with me to babysitting and play it after the kids go to bed. I have sense purchased 2 games for it. Brain Age (which I love bc it has Sudoku on it) and Nintendogs (which I also love!). We were able to get 2 of Phil's old gameboy advanced games while at home in Holland so I can play those on there as well.

I now have a chocolate lab named Griffin, a brain age of 25 and am on the 3rd level in the 2nd world of Super Mario 3. I am admittedly a proud owner of a Nintendo DS Lite. I guess the article Phil read called "How to get your girlfriend to like video games" actually worked. Now he jokes he needs an article called "How to get your girlfriend to stop playing video games and talk to you".

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Naomi said...

1. I am excited about the prospect of you updating often.

2. Yay, video games!