September 8, 2007

I am Lame

I'm not sure why I started this blog... well actually I know why I started it but I NEVER update mainly because of two reasons. 1. I am not nearly as intellectual or witty as my fiance or my friends and 2. My life is really quite boring. In all honesty I always come up with things to write about but then once I think them out and start typing I just find myself boring... and thinking that no one really wants to read this. Kinda like right now...

Anyways, I am going to make it a habit to at least update once a week boring or not!

Lately I haven't been 100% happy with my job. I have a passion for the mission of the coalition and I love that my work impacts the community and challenges people to change their lifestyles and make better choices. It is rewarding knowing that I am making a difference in young kids lives with my prevention messages. However it is hard to stay positive when you don't receive much gratification for what you do. I don't have a boss really or co-workers so it gets lonely working all by myself with no one to talk to or learn from. I have really started missing the learning aspect that comes along with any job. I loved working at Fox (even if I was just an Intern). If I had completed all of my work for the day I would ask Chery, Natalie, Dave or Eric if I could just sit in on their office hours, or a conversation and listen. I loved absorbing the things they did that made them good at their jobs. I liked learning along with them from their mistakes. I enjoyed taking on a new task and the joy I felt when I completed it. It was a fun place to work. While everyday we basically did the same thing.. checking this flow chart for Best Damn Sports Show, sending a letter out to customers about an error that ran on one of the channels, sending promo gear, organizing the tape library, making tapes to send to customers of their commercial running on the channel. Everyday was also different and fun! I miss the advertising sales world and I miss the cable industry.

I struggled for a long time after I applied for countless ad sales jobs and always made it to the interview stage where they loved me and would call me soon... and then well they never did. It was really discouraging to be rejected by so many people and companies. I finally gave up all hope. This summer I was back at it again. I feel drawn to ad sales and I'm not sure why. I've applied for two jobs one at ESPN and the other at Food Network/Fine Living. I sent my resume in by email on Friday morning and at 4pm I had an email from the Vice President wanting me to call him for a phone interview on Monday. Please say some prayers and keep your fingers crossed that this goes well. I really could use the boost of self esteem right now. However if this isn't where I am supposed to be and its not in Gods plans, pray that I won't be as discouraged as I was last time and that I am able to pick myself back up and head in another direction.

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Bonnie said...

First, happy birthday, again. Second, if we compared our blogs to others , none of us would post anything. Life would be boring if we all wrote the same, you write from the heart, that's what makes it yours. Third, refjection sucks, but it will make the eventual job find so sweet. You'll get there.