October 19, 2014

21 Day Fix - prep

Tomorrow begins my journey to more energy and toning. I have never been a big diet plan supporter. In high school I swam thousands of miles a week and burned more calories than I ate. My sophomore year of college I moved on campus and things quickly went downhill. O gained almost 40 lbs. All of which I lost before my wedding in 2008. After moving to Lafayette I joined a gym and worked out 3-5 days a week for an hour. I fell in love with Les Mills Body Pump and Body Combat.

 I was in the best shape of my life when I found out I was pregnant with Joel. I attempted to workout through my pregnancy but suffered severe back pain. My doctor advised me to take a break from working out after my 5th month.

After Joel was born I attempted returning to the gym but it was difficult. It was hard to balance it all and find time to nurse Joel and workout. Speaking of nursing it seemed to be helping me lose the weight I had gained with little to no effort. The year Joel was born we had an unusually warm winter so we were able to get out and run when he was 2 months. This helped.

With Millie I had gestational diabetes which helped me not gain ad much weight in pregnancy as I did the first time around. Again, with the help of nursing I have lost the weight I gained. However I am lacking the energy I used to have. It could be due to the fact that I am now 30 or the fact that I am caring for 2 kids and not getting 12 hours of sleep. But I am to the point where I will try anything.

Enter my best friend, Jennifer and the 21 day fix philosophy. I don't agree with everything, like I will NEVER drink skim milk, but I am excited for more energy, getting back in to workouts and learning portion control.

The next 21 days I am going to try and write more so come follow along on this journey!

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