March 26, 2014

Mega Update

I am not going to apologize for not updating because that would imply that I ever inteded to actually keep up my blog on a regular basis which I did not because, you see, I try not to make promises I can't keep and that would be one I couldn't keep. Before Joel was born I started a journal, a letter to him. I don't know if he will ever want to read it but I write in it several times a week whenever he does something cute, funny or monumental that I want to keep track of. It serves as his baby book because even I am not organized to keep one of those up to date.

It has been 8 months since I updated this blog..and in that time a lot has changed. Our family has grown, we now have a beautiful baby girl named Millie Kate. I have officially become a stay at home mommy and will soon drive a minivan and I couldn't be more excited about it. I work very part time for a blog called and starting in June I will be caring for another little baby while his mommy and daddy work.

Joel is now two years old. He is an absolute blast! He is caring, funny, and pretty outgoing. He loves to sing, read books and play baseball. He adores his daddy and is starting to really adore his baby sister.

Millie Kate is now 3 months old! The time with her is just flying by. Phil and I are both trying to be more intentional about having quiet time with her. With a toddler around it can be easy to just lay her on the floor next to us while we play and not spend time interacting with her. She loves to be smiled at and talked to so we are really trying to have those moments with her. Balancing two kids is not easy but we wouldn't change it. We love watching Joel interact with her and so far he has adjusted well to his big brother role.

Phil's job has also changed and he is now the youth minister at our church working with middle and high school students and their parents. It has been different but in a good way. We absolutely love the families we work with and are enjoying coming alongside them in raising their kids to love and serve the Lord.

Here are a few pictures of our family from the last three months. Enjoy!
Introducing Millie Kate born in December 2013

Family of Four

We LOVE coloring!

Trying to get a good Christmas picture with 2 under 2....

Merry Christmas from the Travis Family!

First Smiles :)

Took Joel to the Shedd Aquarium for his 2nd birthday. He loved it!

Joel is 2 - February 2014

Brother and Sister :)

Millie Kate is 3 months old - March 2014


Kari Brevetti said...

Hooray for the update! You might not know it, but I think about you guys and wonder how you and your sweet family are doing.

I'm happy for you and so glad that all is well!

Much Love,
Kari (Herron)

kels said...

LOVE these photos!! miss you guys! <3

Katy Travis said...

Kari! That is so sweet! I think of you often as well. Hope things are great! Maybe our paths will cross one day soon!