August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Wishes to One Sweet Girl!

Some of you probably don't know this but we have another member in the Travis family that we rarely blog about. It is our adopted daughter, Jen, and today just happens to be her birthday.

Not only do we get the privilege of being a part of the Elmwood Church of Christ adopt a college student program but we scooped up the BEST kid in the group! 

Jen's happiness for life is contagious. She often will send me a message or call just to say happy Tuesday! She has a love for all people. She goes above and beyond to show people she truly cares. She also has a heart for God and she shares his love and story with everyone she meets through both words and actions. She is a true blessing to me and our family. 

This post goes out to Jen on her birthday!  Happy birthday dear Jen. We love you! 

Here are a few pictures of some of the fun we have had together along this 2 year journey of friendship!
Making Indian food together :)
Love her!

Jen and Patrick's Wedding

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