July 19, 2012

Happy 5 months!

Joel celebrated his 5 month birthday yesterday. It is hard to believe that he is already 5 months old. It seems like he is changing everyday. Here is a picture comparison of him from 1 month to today :)

  • Joel is wearing mostly 6 month clothing
  • He is an observer and is perfectly content just sitting and watching
  • He now enjoys being on his tummy and rolls over almost instantly
  • He LOVES his sophie giraffe teething toy
  • He has started using his exersaucer and enjoys being in it which is great for this work at home mommy
  • He went swimming for the first time on the 4th of July and really loved splashing in the water
  • Carrots are his favorite food at the moment and he loves drinking out of his sippy cup! 
  • He is totally perfect and we are enjoying each step along the way!

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