July 2, 2012

A Weeklong Father's Day Celebration

Sundays are rarely relaxing for this little campus ministry family. The usually start out rushing out the door to get to church by 9am for some mingling over coffee and donuts with the 1st service attendees, followed by class, worship, after church mingling and diaper change/feeding and if we are lucky we leave the building by 1pm. For us Mother's Day and Father's Day would be better celebrated on a Friday or Saturday. So for this Father's Day that is exactly what we did!

Friday we began the morning with a visit to the Flour Mill Bakery to pick up some popcorn kernels and delicious donuts. Saturday we had lunch together and gave Phil his first father's day present - a cute pictures of Joel and tickets to a Detroit Tiger's baseball game for the following Thursday.
Sunday was busy as usually with all the previously mentioned activities and a 6 hour drive to Detroit for a conference at Rochester College. Since we knew we would be spending a lot of quality family time we weren't too concerned about cramming all the family 1st Father's day celebrating in to one day. It was really a week of fun activities enjoying our new life as a family of three.

Here the picture I gave to Phil as a gift along with the tickets -

Monday and Tuesday Phil spent the days at the Streaming Conference at our alma mater, Rochester College. Tuesday evening we did sneak away for a date. Wednesday I went to Rochester with Phil. He spent the morning at the conference while I visited with a friend. In the afternoon we visited with a few more friends and spent time walking around campus and eating at our favorite restaurant - Lipumas. 
Lunch at Lipuma's :) 

Hanging out in the Student Center at Rochester College

 Thursday was the big day - Joel's first major league baseball game. We set out for Comerica Park at 12noon. The weather called for storms and temperatures in the 90's. It did end up being super hot but the rain stayed away until after the game. We planned ahead though and bought tickets in the shade and there was a beautiful breeze the entire time. The pictures will speak for themselves of how Joel enjoyed the game. We can't wait to go back. And they even won beating the St. Louis Cardinals! 

The following two pictures are how Joel spent the entire game. He was either so enthralled with watching the action that he couldn't look at me or his daddy or he was so excited that he was laughing, smiling and drooling. He didn't fuss the entire time and only took a 30 minute cat nap for fear of missing something. 
Happy 1st Father's Day Phil!
The whole gang with the scoreboard in the background

I love my Auntie Krysten!
I stole Auntie's Hat :)

Keeping Cool by chewing on a frozen water bottle!
We will be going back to a game next year. It will be fun to make it a tradition! We spent the rest of our time in Michigan hanging out with friends and family. We celebrated Phil's Cousin Christina's bridal shower and my cousin's graduation from high school. Joel got to meet some of his cousins. I guess they are technically 2nd cousins or first cousins once removed, or whatever you want to call Phil's cousins kids!  It was so nice to see Jessica and Mady again and meet little Owen. Mady was pretty excited to meet Joel. It is fun to spend time with family and we hope to make a trip out to see them sometime soon.

Joel with his cousin Mady, age 5

Caribou Coffee after church on Sunday with the Travis family!

"Uncle" Adam came up for a visit. It was great to see him!

On this trip we learned to roll over and we found our feet. So fun!

Thanks for reading!

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engquist said...

I hear ya on the Sundays being anything but restful days thing. And that whole week looked amazing!! So glad you get to go home so often to see everyone! (: