April 10, 2012

Poor Sick Baby

We have officially survived our first baby boy illness. Joel was diagnosed late last week with RSV. His case, thankfully, is VERY mild. RSV can be a nasty virus and has landed many newborns in the hospital on breathing machines, but luckily we have been able to stay home. We have been running the humidifier in his room non stop and we use saline drops to clean his nose out at least 10 times a day, he has gotten to the point where sometimes he smiles when he sees the aspirator! We have quarantined ourselves for the past 5 days and it seems that Joel is getting better.

Throughout the weekend he was a real trooper! He has a terrible cough that I am sure is painful but he has been his normal happy calm self which is a true blessing. He still sleeps most of the day and night, eats well and even coos and smiles at us.

We were bummed to have to miss his first Easter at church but some dear friends of ours made the day special anyway. They brought an entire ham meal with all the fixins over and stayed to enjoy it with us. Before we knew it we had sat and chatted for 4 hours! It was really nice to fellowship with our "family" here in Lafayette.

Grandma Debbie made Joel his very own Easter basket and filled it with lots of fun goodies including Sophie the Giraffe which I am sure will be a favorite toy of his in the months to come.

Next weekend we will be sure to take pictures of us in our coordinating Easter outfits since we didn't get to wear them this week! For now here are a few pictures of Joel from the weekend.

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