April 12, 2012

A Baseball Post

We are thinking about great grandpa Ted today as he is having heart surgery again in Florida to clear up some blockage before heading back to Michiganf for the summer. We know that this surgery is routine but it is still a bit scary. However I have faith that he will pull through as he always does. He is an extremely healthy and active 80 year old!

Great grandpa Ted's favorite time of year is here - Baseball Season! The Detroit Tigers had their opening day last week at Comerica Park, and while we can't tune in via TV down here you can listen on the radio. Mom and I checked updates on my phone throughout the day as we hung out around the house and ran some errands.

Baseball is in Joel's blood. His great grandpa Ted still plays to this day and he is in his 80's! His mom and Aunt Krysten played softball all the way through college, his dad played T-ball, grandma Debbie played and coached softball and grandpa Ski played and coached baseball, softball and is still an umpire for the high schools in Michigan. If Joel doesn't enjoy baseball it will be a sad day!

We aren't going to force him to play any sport but we do hope that he acquires a love and appreciate for sports, specifically our favorites: baseball, golf, college football and hockey. It will be fun to play catch out back, host a small baseball game, go to putt-putt and the driving range and ice skate in the winter. Since it is likely that Joel will be on the small side, I am not sure football or hockey will be his sport if he does choose to play, but maybe he can be a kicker :)

Most of Joel's sports paraphenalia comes from his Aunt Krysten. She went a bit overboard once she found out we were having a boy. He also has several hand me down pieces from our neighbors back in MI who had a boy 6 years ago. Most of his items are still too big to fit but we are excited for him to grow in to the one day. Here is Joel sporting his Detroit Tigers capris, I mean shorts. He even has his daddy's baseball :)


Krysten said...

It's not overboard! It's necessary! :) my little sports man!

Anonymous said...

Jen Hunter