April 25, 2012

Joel meets Lucy

This weekend we were blessed with a visit with dear friends. Tom and Beth Miller were friends of Phil's long before I married him and moved here to Lafayette. Beth became a quick friend of mine upon arriving in Lafayette. She has one of those personalities that is easy to love! She has a huge heart for helping others and a laughter that is contagious. We would spend hours watching silly shows on Food Network or HGTV, playing cards, watching movies and laughing at our husbands adorable nerdiness. 

Tom and Beth were our go to dinner date friends, our confidants when we needed to vent, our CSC van drivers, and countless other things that true friends are. In 2009, just one year after I had moved to Lafayette, Tom graduated and was transferred to various locations with the Navy. They now live in Washington. It was a sad time to watch our dear friends move away but we relied on the beauty of Facebook chat to stay in contact.

Here we are on vacation in Atlanta Georgia in August of 2009 :)

This past summer we spent countless hours talking with one another as we shared in the joy of becoming parents! Beth due in November and I in February. We were thrilled to learn that Tom and Beth were expecting and Beth was one of the first people I shared our joyous news with. It was fun to swap pregnancy stories, talk baby products and lift eachother up in prayer and conversation as we drew closer to the joy of parenthood.

Thanks to the fact that Beth is originally from Indiana she visits here a few times a year and we were lucky enough to get some quality time with her and their newest addition, Lucy.

Here is a picture of Joel and Lucy - Lucy really loved Joel and while his face doesn't shot it here I think he loved her too. They didn't get much quality time playing together because poor sweet Lucy was sick with a pretty nasty cold.

We miss you all but were glad for this weekend of fun!


Agnes Louise said...

Are you trying to make me cry? Love you guys, Beth

kels said...

aww so cute! I'm sad I missed the Millers :(