February 14, 2012

The Nursery :: Complete

For most of you this won't come as a shock but I am a planner. I have had an idea for a nursery in my mind since before Phil and I even got married or purchased our house.

The Starting Pieces:: My mom dug this gem out of someone's garbage pile. It has a few scratches on it but that only adds to its appeal. I knew the minute I saw it that it would be great in a kid's room filled to the brim with books. This was the start of the "future nursery" planning! Since the piece is red we decided to go with a primary color theme. The 2nd piece we bought for the "future nursery" was a hoosier cabinet which we successfully made in to a changing table (pictured below)

Painting:: Every room in our entire house is a different shade of beige. We believe the people who owned the house before us watched "Designed to Sell" religiously and decided to go with the paint every room neutral before selling mantra. We have slowly been painting rooms different colors in hopes of one day getting rid of all the beige! So when my parents came down for a week last May we decided to paint the room that would one day be the future nursery green. This was before we even knew that we were expecting little monkey.

Fabric:: On that same trip down, Mom, Grandma and I found some really fun fabric at JoAnns that I thought would work well for curtains and the bedding. We bought it and let that be our inspiration.
Inspiration:: Once Philip and I knew we were actually having a baby the real planning began. I started browsing online and found a slew of ideas for rooms decorated in the primary colors. Here is a collage of some of our inspiration pictures.

The Actual Room:: My mom and dad came down this past weekend for one last visit before the baby came, actually we were hoping the baby would come while they were here but he has other plans. During this trip mom and I were able to finish the nursery decor. We hung the artwork, laid out the blankets, and put up the valance that she made for us. Here are the pictures of the final product! Feel free to come over soon because it looks better in person!

Thanks for letting me share with you all.


Amanda @ Heart Tree Home said...

Turned out great, Katy... the day is almost here!

engquist said...

It's darling! Your little man is going to love it!!